Pointy Heels!

Hey Guys,

I’ve just been in love with pointy heels lately, they are just so flattering on the foot! Especially for someone like myself that has quite wide feet and relatively large feet for my frame. The heels literally just go with anything, from shorts to skirts.

Aviary Photo_130820743341034654Aviary Photo_130820723405023593

The first pair I bought, were nude heels from Topshop, they were on a sale which was partly what motivated me to get them. I was initially wary about getting them, as I wasn’t sure how much comfort was sacrificed for fashion. Usually, when I where heels they are 5 ft and round toed.

Aviary Photo_130820733049714904

They pair I got are actually quite comfortable, they aren’t too high or too pointy which also helps. I was concerned that my toes would get really squished but they actually didn’t. So I’m definitely on the look for some more pointy pumps.Aviary Photo_130820758987548516

Any recommendations?




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